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Competitive Advantages

Have you ever had the opportunity to start over?

Our original program was developed in 2000 and grew to over 1,000 clients with over 100,000 employee records when we were acquired by an insurance company in 2012. A couple of years later we decided to start over and with over 40 years of benefits systems experience, we could reflect back on and reimagine a program that was far better than what we (or anyone else) envisioned. While our competition labors under clunky architecture or with programmers that have little or no benefits experience, we developed an advanced system architecture that facilitates many competitive advantages.

What makes us different the rest

Envision an iceberg, while you can see the part above the water most of the mass exists below the surface. Behind the scenes is where most systems begin to struggle; importing, exporting, reporting, calculating and interpreting data is painstakingly difficult to be accurate. Our competitive advantages include:

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