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Competitive Advantages

Employee Communication & Engagement

Our Employee Self-Service system provides a user friendly dashboard that leads employees through the entire enrollment process in a familiar application approach.

Communication is the key

The fully configurable screens allow our customers to customize messaging, add additional documents and links, and include video throughout the entire enrollment journey.

Your employees will have access to every tool necessary, including plan comparisons, in order to research and choose the right benefit plans that are suitable to their needs.

Additional features like email capability, enrollment reminders and automatic confirmation of changes will provide your employees with the confidence in their enrollment decision.

Some of our fully customizable features include:

  • User Dashboard
  • Configurable Messaging
  • All HR and Plan Documents including carrier links, videos and tutorials
  • Plan Information and Comparisons
  • Email Capability
  • Enrollment Reminders
  • Confirmation of Changes

Provide your employees with every tool imaginable so that they feel confident
in their enrollment choices.

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